Monday, March 30, 2009

Poetry Challenge - Day 6 - clerihew

The clerihew targets actual people in four lines. The first is their name, the 3rd and 4th longer than the first two with lines often irregular in length.

The first I have previously posted but liked it so much that I decided to use it again.

Captain Ricky Ponting,
loves to go a-tonking,
except for those lonely days
when he tosses his wicket away.

Ned Kelly
was very merry
until those final fateful days
heralded by the hotel flames.

Ned Kelly was an Australian bushranger, famous for wearing crude armour, who was finally taken at a country hotel. The police set the building on fire with Ned emerging to engage the police in a wild gun battle until badly wounded and captured.

Little Johnny Howard
was a bloody coward.
He had to lie to become PM
and the lies continued without end.

John Howard was Australian Prime Minister, 1996-2007. History has since proven him to have been an appalling liar.

Ross Hamilton
is a funny one.
He'd rather sit up all night writing
than asleep in his bed and farting.

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