Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poetry challenge – Day 2 – the tanka

Before I start, I have received some upsetting news today. I arrived at my doctor’s surgery to organise collecting some material, only to be greeted by a notice on the door. My doctor had died and the practise was being closed.

It turns out that my GP passed away unexpectedly in January while I was on several weeks holiday inter-state, so I missed the press announcements.

Dr John Horsley was more than my doctor, he was a personal friend. I will be a long time grieving his loss.

I extend my sympathies to his family.

With this deeply upset state of mind, I am really struggling to write this evening.

The tanka – a five line poem with 5-7-5-7-7 syllable counts.

Still pursuing the autumn theme…

The maple goes red,
as the season turns again.
Farewell to summer
as the nights become so chill
with frost sparking in the air.

Shining red apple,
Delicious by name and taste.
Crisp beneath my teeth,
the juice trickles down my chin
as I take another bite.

Autumn Down Under,
so different from other climes.
No coloured leaves down here
to scatter through the bushland
like streamers through the grey-green.

And one for my friend John Horsley…

Sad is not the word
for the way that I now feel
on your sudden loss.
The gaping hole in our lives
may never be properly filled.

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