Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Soil Song

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Soil Song

By Ross C. Hamilton

I feel the earth, warm and fertile,
trying to grow my fingers
as through the loam and mulch,
my hands delve in quest of meaning.

Is this an answer to a modern disease?
A means to best the degradation of our soul
by feeling the earth's blood
crumble through our fingers?

The question, unasked,
goes unanswered, as I
plunge my hand in the soil once more,
to simply enjoy the feeling.

Ross C. Hamilton

Earth Beat

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Earth Beat

By Ross C. Hamilton

Is it the flesh of my hand
that writes
or a message from my bones
dictating distant memories
of farthermost racial origins?
Do the earth's granite bones
then serve to sing to us
in their age-long songs?

I press my ear to the ground
to listen
and hear a silent heartbeat
calling to my flesh
to write my song once more.

© Ross C. Hamilton

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I have not posted anything in here for a while. I have been doing some work on my poetry from time to time. Today I got off my increasingly fat backside and submitted some for publication. If said publishers don't like them, no great loss and I shall publish them here.

Some other poems are reaching a point of being 'finished' that I shall probably post here soon. In other writing I like to get paid for my efforts. With my poetry however, I am quite happy to just share.