Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In the beginning...

well, not really a beginning as such.

At age 45, I made what was, to me, a starting discovery. I am, to use the terminology of my North American friends, an old jock, having played and practically lived for sport for many years. Add to that being a recovering alcoholic (one is never really 'recovered') and decades of dedication to left-brain, anal retention. This is a recipe for anything other than a poet. Yet I discovered that I actually like poetry.

I must record my thanks to Paul Magee, university lecturer and working poet, for helping me come to this realisation, although I doubt he will ever convince me of the merits of Joyce's Finnegan's Wake.

So this blog is where I shall be posting an occasional poem, copied over from my notebook where my poetic attempts are first scrawled.

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